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Work for Us

Work for Us

It is an exciting time to be at the Kirana Education family, as we continue to grow there are a variety of roles that are immediately available around Australia.



  • E-learning Content Developers – Contract
  • Online VET Teacher – Aged Care and Disability


  • Curriculum Coordinator – Generalist (Business, Warehouse, Retail and Fitness)
  • Curriculum Coordinator – Community Services, Aged Care + Disability, Counselling
  • Curriculum Coordinator – Early Childhood Education and Care
  • Personal Assistant to the CEO – Full Time


  • VET Teacher – Aged Care, Disability and/or Community Services


If you believe that you can contribute to helping us change the world in any of these roles then we’d be delighted to hear from you.  You’re welcome to submit your CV and application letter in response to any particular role or if you believe that what you’ve got to offer is so compelling that you’re not willing to wait to see the right role available then you’re welcome to call us direct on 1300 885 791 or submit your CV and application now.

In your introductory letter please outline your abilities and skills, your passions, hopes and expectations, and where and how you believe that you can make a difference and contribute towards changing the world.

We can’t promise everyone a job but we do promise that every application received with an introductory letter will be responded to. Unfortunately, any CVs not accompanied by this letter will not receive any response and will not be considered for a position.

Apply now. Please only submit PDF documents.


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What Kirana Workforce Development Offers

  • QualityInvestment in people to the highest industry standard is delivered
  • DiscoveryUncover the hidden passion of your people
  • GrowthUnlock the potential of your business to grow strength to strength on the back of your people and products
  • ConfidenceWe've more than 7 year's experience in delivering relevant skills to an array of industry partners
  • SupportKirana will work with employers to ensure training isn't a financial burden to business

Client Testimonials

"I feel I am more qualified and have more knowledge, patience and commitment to continue being a team leader. The class environment was fantastic. I now have the courage to speak to an audience and I have left more confident."
Mamie Hague
CHC40108 Certificate IV in Aged Care

Our Address


  • 1300 164 140
  • 8 Figtree Drive, Sydney Olympic Park, NSW 2127


  • 1300 164 140
  • Level 1, 12/29 Collier Road Morley WA 6062


1300 164 140


ABN 14 125 906 676

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